WoW Weekly Report - "Chen Stormstout Giveaway Inside"

Posted Tue, Feb 02, 2010 by Xerin

This week we're giving away a Chen Stormstout figure to two lucky Overpull subscribers, be sure to look at The Overpull for details on how to enter. We also have all of the latest news from the previous week, including info on upcoming Cataclysm changes. We also look at the tricky subject of including more crowd control in 5-mans.

In an instance run today we had a tank that was “rusty.” In that hall where the guys in the hallway bust out the tank was unable to keep AoE aggro and the Mage Ice Blocked, the Hunter feigned, and the DK wasn’t AoEing for whatever reason. When I came out of fade they returned straight to me, since no one was using AoE, and I died after a long struggle to keep them off of me while I stood on top of the tank. Then he quit without a word before he died. This is just one in a long line of stories about players who are unable to or do not want to pay attention to the game or get better.

The Overpull, Issue 52 is out now.

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