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Champions Online: Lore Based Possibilities

Posted Wed, Feb 03, 2010 by jeffprime

Champions Online has incorporated a great deal of lore from the pen-and-paper game of Champions, but there is a great deal of lore that still has not been used. What pieces of lore from Champions could Cryptic use in the future to expand CO?

The many distinct personalities and places in Champions Online were not created by the fevered brain of a dev, but rather of a group of guys sitting around a kitchen table rolling dice. Villains such as Doctor Destroyer and Foxbat, places like Millennium City and Monster Island, super groups such as the Champions and StarForce, and foul organizations such as Viper and PSI were created long before computers had stereo sound or non-text graphics.

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Perfect World Entertainment has already made the move to mobile and now they’re making plans to head into the console space.

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