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Posted Thu, May 24, 2007 by Cody Bye

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Atriarch has been in development for nearly a decade. That's a LONG time in the gaming industry. Warcry asked Serafina a few questions about the current state of Atriarch and where they're going in the future.

“Everyone seems to be stuck on the fact that it is taking a long time. I understand. Believe me when I say I want it to go a lot faster too. However, things didn't go as planned. I say so what? That's life. I'm not going to toss out a beautiful and epic world just because it took longer than seven days to create.”

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The updates are few and far between. However, I've started rooting for this little caboose that could. It's not easy putting together an independant MMO of these proportions. They're struggling yes, but they've got a good idea and the will to see it through. Let's hear it for the underdogs!

server technology ... This is what has been going on lately... the World Fusion server technology (which Atriarch utilizes) is going through a series of overhauls to prepare it to eventually be capable of expanding to the expectations that gamers have of the current crop of games. In the process of doing this, Arc brought down the servers running the previous version of our technology... hence, the testing servers were no longer available. As of today, he was not able to give me an ETA on the new servers. Even if he did, I'm sure my disease would flare up again, and we want to avoid that ;-)

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Wed, Apr 12, 2006
Awenyddion is reporting that Serafina from World Fusion has sent out an email to the Atriarch community updating them on the progress of this MMORPG that has been in development for a number of years.


The roller coaster ride of waiting, of scarce updates, and of deadlines come and gone is probably disheartening. I wanted to email you personally and give you an update and status of what has been going on with Atriarch. I truly think of individuals waiting for Atriarch every single day. We are gamers too, and because of that can appreciate and respect you for it. So, here is the infamous good news/bad news Atriarch update:

Good News: Atriarch's Asian publisher re-emerged wanting to help us get Atriarch done faster. So, they are looking into getting their local talent to help us out with the gazillions of 3D models and artwork we need for the game and maybe some other aspects. We will be hearing back from them next week.

Bad News: This one is fairly obvious... although we are making progress, it is taking a very, very long time to get Atriarch done. In this respect, we are doing all we can given the tiny team and lack of funding. In the beginning, we said that even if our publishers explode or if things go bad for another reason (both of which happened), we would still follow through with Atriarch. And that we are!

Good News: Atriarch is and will continue to be.

You can read the rest of the letter here. Honestly I had completely forgotten about this game. They were a few years into development when I started in this career arena. Not much a peep since then. I hope that they can get it all together and launch soon.

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Thu, Feb 09, 2006

Well here's a blast from the Past! If you've been following Atriarch at all you've gone through the ups and downs of development hell. However, looks like things are looking up for the game.

Whoa! ok, so updating did not quite go as planned. We just got back from a whirlwind tour showing off Atriarch to companies in the Pacific Rim and Australia. While that part went absolutely fantastic, there were a couple of technical difficulties. There was an issue with our colocation facility that could only be addressed in person when we got back. Good news is that we are back. Things are going well better than planned for once :-) We are working on some server bugs and hope to get the next testing play session up by end up January.

If you want to be a part of the testing, you can sign up for Beta Here.

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Tue, Dec 27, 2005

Build your destiny in Atriarch, literally. World Fusion has posted a developer diary discussing the player structures and buildings that will be available in Atriarch.

" When talking about Atriarch, we mention a lot about player structures and buildings. The simple reason is because we think it is really cool the way we've designed it. Okay, okay, I know that is not the most subjective statement in the world, but then again if I did not think what we are making was worthwhile, then I'd do something else. I am a gamer afterall and want to play Atriarch with everyone :-) Anyway, back to player-buildings... mentioned in previous posts, player buildings require the placement of a foundation. Atriarch's engine differentiates between types of foundations. The following paragraph addresses some questions that were posted about this. "

You can read the entire Atriarch Developer Diary at the Official Site. Related Links:

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Fri, Oct 21, 2005

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