EVE Online's Veigur Petursson Interviewed

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Fighting the MMO industry's fantastic tendancies

EVE Online CEO Veigur Petursson thinks we need a little more variety in the MMORPG niche.

For the CEO of Icelandic developer CCP, Blizzard's market-leading MMO is already the perfect execution in the fantasy genre, and studios need to forget some of the history associated with massively multiplayer games in order to try something new.

"I just don't understand why people do yet another fantasy game. Why make a clone of World of Warcraft?" said Petursson, in an exclusive interview with GamesIndustry.biz.

We tend to agree, but people tend to be more comfortable whiling away the hours a completely contrived world (a.k.a. "fantasy") rather than, say, a post-nuclear wasteland. EVE offers a great alternative - what geek (self included) doesn't dream of building spacecraft and exploring space? If only the game were a little more casual-friendly... maybe I'm just bitter about mining for a couple weeks and watching it all disappear on a 0.4 courier run. Meh.

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