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Runes of Magic: Micro Transactions and You

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Microtransactions. Sometimes the just the word sends grown men off crying.  Their are lots of myths surrounding them.  You MUST use them to even play the game, those that use microtransactions have an unfair advantage do to the items, and lots and lots of other things.  Truth is, microtransactions can cause all of those problems but when done right they can really enhance the game.  Join ZeroMerc as he explores what microtransactions mean in the land of Runes of Magic.

You have to consider that the average MMOG subscription costs $15 per month x 12 months in a year = $180 a year. For $180 you can obtain roughly 5200 diamonds. That is a fair amount of diamonds and if you only have one or even two main characters I think you can get very far into end game content with that amount.
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