Q&A With AoC Game Director Craig Morrison

By Stacy Jones -

Age of Conan's (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison joined the crew at GamesBloggo for a little Q&A session to answer a few questions sent in by the community about possible content additions and AoC's upcoming expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. While the Interview doesn't really offer a lot of new information, it's a decent primer for those that may not be quite up to speed on plans for the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Funcom plans to add any new areas to substitute Tortage any time soon.

Craig: I donÂ’t think we will consider adding a different new player experience anytime soon. We have considered some means for players who have already explored each of the archetype paths to possibly skip Tortage with future characters, but we havenÂ’t got any firm plans there at the moment.

You can catch the full Q&A here.
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