Allods Online Archetype Interview Series Part 3 - The Mage

Next up in our continuing look at the archetypes of Allods Online is the Mage.

Next up in our continuing look at the archetypes of Allods Online is the Mage. A true powerhouse of spell casting power, the Mage is the master of the elements and the conduit for the mystical force of  Entropy in the Allods world. Ten Ton Hammer once again sat down with GM Gregory Carter and Community Manager Katelyn Olmstead  from gPotato, the portal site that hosts the North American version, to get the latest and greatest information about this powerful archetype.

Ten Ton Hammer: For those that may not be familiar with Allods, can you give us a brief overview of the Mage archetype?

Gregory Carter & Katelyn Olmstead: The Mage is not your typical robe and wizard hat type of caster. Mages in Allods control a chaotic fusion of Fire, Frost, and Lightning. Each time they cast a spell they harness the energy of an element, called magical entropy. They can then combine this energy in various ways to cast other spells.

Ten Ton Hammer: With only three races allowed to be a Mage in Allods Online how have their numbers been so far in testing? Is it a popular archetype so far?

Carter & Olmstead: The Mage has a small but niche crowd of devout players.  It is definitely not the top archetype in popularity, but for those who do play a Mage, they absolutely love it and will swear by that archetype alone.  We actually really like that there a certain archetypes in this game that are limited, and are more of a specialty archetype.  It makes those who choose to play that archetype feel as though they are special and stand out from the crowd.

Ten Ton Hammer: Mages get some pretty compelling abilities that add a lot of utility to the archetype via quests. Will these quests be a core part of leveling up the Mage or will players need to be astute and seek them out?

Carter & Olmstead: The quests you are talking about are called World Mysteries. World Mysteries are found in even the earliest stages of the game. These quests reveal a large amount of lore and reward you with rubies that can be spent to gain talent points, or spells specific to your archetype. They can be easily identified in the game, and all players would be wise to complete them.

Ten Ton Hammer: Mages are typically thought of as glass cannons, delivering a big punch but being relatively low on the survivability scale. Does that hold form in Allods?

Carter & Olmstead: The Mages in Allods Online have been given a great deal of tools to protect themselves. They have various spells to absorb and prevent damage, and they also have a wide range of control abilities that allow them to keep the enemy from attacking. However, Mages are not built to take damage the way some classes, and will probably avoid getting hit.

Ten Ton Hammer: In regards to PvP, how does the Allods Mage excel in this area? Is there a particular talent grid that caters to the PvP oriented player?

Carter & Olmstead: Mages are excellent at both solo and group PvP. With the ability to control their enemiesÂ’ movements and deal large amounts of damage, they can keep their enemies disabled while they defeat them. Only time will tell if there is a particular build that stands above the rest for PvP. The grid system is very unique and customizable and it will be a long time before a dominate build emerges.

Ten Ton Hammer:  Conversely to the last question, is there a build that is better suited to the PvE aspects of the game?

Carter & Olmstead: As stated above, the builds that players can create have a wide mix of abilities that can work well with both PvP and PvE.

Ten Ton Hammer: How will the Mage stack up as both a solo and a group player?

Carter & Olmstead: A Mage will be very successful as both a solo and a group player. The archetype is balanced to allow for ease in soloing, but it also has many handy buffs and control abilities that are useful for grouping.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be much loot competition between the Mage and other cloth archetypes, or will items be restricted by class?

Carter & Olmstead:  The main loot competition for a Mage will be the Summoner. Summoners also wear cloth and use many of the same stats that Mages do. ItÂ’s also possible that some of the other archetypes that wear plate or leather will compete for the cloth gear as well, but itÂ’s less likely.

Ten Ton Hammer: Anything else we should know about the Allods Mage?

Carter & Olmstead:  The more spells a Mage casts, the more magical entropy they can harness. This allows for enhanced power and versatility as fights go on, creating a unique combat experience. So please come down and check out what Allods has to offer for those who love elemental power!

Thanks again to the team of  Carter & Olmstead for taking time out of their schedules, especially with all the madness of open beta going on! Check back next week as we continue the series with a look at the classes that make up the Warden archetype.

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