Digging in the Dirt Heritage Quest

Digging in the Dirt is another good EverQuest II heritage quest that you can only obtain if you have the Sentinel's Fate expansion.

Digging in the Dirt is another good EverQuest II heritage quest that you can only obtain if you have the Sentinel's Fate expansion. These quests are meant to be challenging, usually requiring a group for at least parts of it, and some might even require a raid. In exchange for all your hard work, you can get some pretty good rewards including a large amount of status. Status comes in very handy if you are helping to level a guild or would like to buy status specific items including mounts, housing, and gear.

This HQ awards over 89,000 status and your choice of various stats on the legendary sword Grimblade. Grimblade is a useful weapon for most players who rely on one-handed slashing weapons but it won't be an upgrade for steady raiders.

Quest Guide

To get started with Digging in the Dirt, speak with Kalaish Al'Rabin in Moodfield Hamlet (loc 204, 20002, 1182) the town found in Stonebrunt Highlands. You must be level 85 to get the quest though the quest is listed as a level 88 heroic.

Step 1: Kalaish will send you to first find Clan Gragnar kobolds. These guys are found in the Stonebrunt Highlands to the east of the Hamlet at around (loc -561, 478, 920) inside the caves. Follow the caves through until you reach the big room of kobolds. You need proof of the Gragnar's existence which you get by looting from a Gragnar hoarder which should be found in the same room (loc -562, 478, 944) in the cave.

Step 2: Once you have returned the ancient helm to Kalaish, you'll be asked to find a lost scout, Ozlem Fatar. He is found northeast of the Hamlet at (loc -175, 373, 929). Right click to nab his journal and return it back to Kalaish.

Step 3: Go speak with Khaliq Keshalian (loc -474, 379, 658) in Quel'ule. He will ask you to recover a smashed voidcraft controller from a terrorfang plunderpaw (loc -102, 275, 211). She is tough. She has an ability that she uses early on that hits for about 12k damage which killed me the first attempt. As a monk I have tsunami which riposte the attack on the 2nd try and she only tried casting it once. You'll somehow have to avoid taking that initial damage to survive the encounter. Loot the controller and return it to Khaliq.

Step 4: Khaliq now needs you to activate three beacons. These are just to the east of Khaliq at these locations:

  • -534, 375, 647
  • -162, 367, 721
  • -449, 389, 829

Step 5: Return to Khaliq and speak with him again after he attempts to use the controller. You now must travel to the Cleft of Tranquility (loc 54, 4475, 242) and activate the controller yourself at that location. Return back to Khaliq.

Step 6: Khaliq needs you to find the source of the anomaly. Here you will need to find  Gruengach cave (loc 368, 274, 168) north of Quel'ule and kill Xosith the Greedy (loc 159, 240, 286) a level 88^^ heroic. You need the key he drops to open the chest in the cave (286, 224, 81) that completes the quest.


You will have your choice between which version of the sword you want. One offers a crit chance, the other gives double attack chance. It is a pretty nice looking sword so well worth the effort!


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