WoW: Elixir Addiction

Posted Wed, May 30, 2007 by LadySirse

Elixir Addiction: Alchemy changes, good or bad?

With the recent changes to patch 2.1 we now see stacking elixirs and flasks a thing of the past. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Should we still be able to use every single stackable elixir in the game at the same time or are the new changes a blessing? Our Topic of the Week this week goes into detail about the changes along with our opinion on it and as always you're free to jump in and give us your opinion on the Alchemy changes in 2.1!
"My opinion is that I like the changes, from the perspective of a player. No longer do you need a ridiculous amount of potions nor do you need to farm a lot of gold in order to do some encounters. The fact many encounters were nerfed along with this only makes it that much better."
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