Flying The Omen In EVE Online

The Omen is an Amarr cruiser, the middle-sized class of ships. It specializes in using lasers, though it carries drones and has a decently flexible slot layout, as far as Amarr ships go.

The Omen is an Amarr cruiser, the middle-sized class of ships. It specializes in using lasers, though it carries drones and has a decently flexible slot layout, as far as Amarr ships go. As a PvP option for new Amarr players that are working on their laser skills, it's not too shabby. It's got a decent payload for burning through level one and two missions, though it may have trouble with tanking some of the more dangerous level twos. This article focuses on teaching newer players how to fit and use the omen to PvP.

Laser Hell-Death

The omen is a specialized laser platform. This is its strength and weakness. Though it packs a pretty mean wallop as far as laser cruisers go, it is vulnerable to running out of capacitor and sometimes has trouble with fittings.

In a fleet, it contributes toward the overall damage output, especially against Caldari ships with low EM resistances on their shields. It doesn't naturally have a lot of hit points or ability to tank, but it can mitigate this with speed and by fitting certain modules to compensate.

The strength of the omen is, unsurprisingly, the great damage output of lasers. Lasers have excellent tracking, meaning that they can often deal more damage to smaller targets, even if the target is moving very quickly.

Some Basic Assumptions

For the purposes of this article, I will be assuming very rudimentary skills, and that using tech two modules on a tech one ship is not only financially wasteful, but also likely to exceed the spending power of most new players. The omen has suffered problems in the past, especially with regard to fittings and capacitor, but this past patch has arguably optimized it for afterburner usage.

Suggested Fittings: Speed And... Shields?


  • x5 Focused Medium Pulse Laser I


  • x1 10MN Afterburner I
  • x1 Warp Disruptor I
  • x1 Large Shield Extender I


  • x2 Overdrive Injector System I
  • x1 Damage Control I
  • x2 Heat Sink I

For drones, you should be packing Warriors if you want to deal more damage to fast-moving frigates, or Hobgoblins as an all-around general offensive option. Warriors deal explosive damage, but are handy because they are the fastest light drone, and can often hit ships that would outrun other drones. Hobgoblins deal thermal damage, which is generally the hardest to tank against for all races, making them sort of the lowest common denominator of light drones.

With regard to ammo, Microwave M is good long range crystal to start with, because it will allow you to hit targets as you get into orbiting range. Once you are able to get your orbit about your target's optimal range, however, you should switch to Gamma M, which will do a lot more damage without completely screwing your capacitor or range.

I was able to purchase all of the above for a total of less than 4 million ISK.

Named Module Setup

Named modules are dropped by NPCs instead of made. They often have superior attributes to normal modules, but often cost more. Sometimes they cost much, much more. Using named modules might be necessary if you find yourself short on CPU, as very new players might. The fitting below lists named modules with lower CPU, but avoids the higher-priced named modules.

If you really can't squeeze things in, it might be best to work on your skills a bit. Train Electronics and Weapon Upgrades to get more CPU. If for some reason you can't wait, consider spending a million ISK on a "Hardwiring - Zainou 'Gnome' KZA1000" implant, which will reduce the CPU used by the laser turrets by -3%, which should be enough for pretty much anybody.


  • x5 Focused Modal Medium Laser I


  • x1 10MN Afterburner I
  • x1 J5 Prototype Warp Disruptor I
  • x1 Large Azeotropic Ward Salubrity I


  • x2 Overdrive Injector System I
  • x1 Emergency Damage Control I
  • x2 Heat Sink I

Suggested Tactics

The idea behind the fittings above that you want to be able to get in range of your target (around 5 km should be good if you want to use Gamma M ammo, depending on your skills) and orbit while chewing away with your lasers. Use your drones, as well, to boost your damage.

This omen fitting isn't meant to be flown solo, as it has no means of slowing down targets, which should be left to frigates or closer-range cruisers. You role is to boost the total damage output of your fleet, and leave the fancy footwork to the others. This is a pretty decent ship to camp a gate with, with buddies, and wait for war targets to jump through.

Be careful of ships that will zap your capacitor, like Pilgrims or Sentinels, and of ships with strong EM resistances, like tech two Minmatar ships. Laugh as you chew through the shields of Caldari cruisers like Moas, Blackbirds, or Caracals.

All right, that's it for today. I hope you get together with some friends and churn out some kill-mails, or at least have fun making some loss-mails.

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