WoW U.I. Mod Review - Underachiever

Posted Mon, Mar 08, 2010 by Mem

Underachiever is an add on for World of Warcraft that claims to allow the user to be able to not only link, but claim false credit for any achievement imaginable. The mod won’t actually give you extra achievements, but it may secure your spot in once out of reach PUGs. Does the mod live up to it’s claims and if so what issues may arise from using it? Find out this and more as Mem gives his take on Underachiever.

Underachiever is a mod that will in essence fake achievements for you. This mod will make it look like you have completed whatever achievement you choose. If you wish to make it look like your participated in the Realm First Yogg-Saron kill this mod will do it for you with very little hassle.

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