The Secret World Lead Designer Talks About Influences and Content

Posted Mon, Mar 08, 2010 by Martuk

It's always good to get a few more details about The Secret World (TSW) and Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard recently offered another few tidbits in an interview with TSWOnline. Bruusgaard talks about influences to the game's design from authors like Stephen King and Lovecraft. Some players had voiced concerns that TSW would be only about zombies after the release of the Kingsmouth trailer, but Bruusgaard was quick to lay that concern to rest.

The game is about much more than zombies! I assume people think that because of the tiny tidbits of information they’ve gotten from Kingsmouth. Let me make this very clear – Kingsmouth is just a tiny part of a big region of the game world, and that region is just one of many regions all around the world. We’ve based the population in every region on myths and urban legends in that particular country, which gives us a huge spectrum of scary monstrosities to play with.


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