Messiah's Mini-Review: Forza Motorsports 2

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And now for something completely different...

Messiah's latest blog is a mini-review for Forza Motorsports 2. It's not an MMO, but worth the wait for the avid car fans?

My love for cars, transfers to my love of car games. Not just any car
games though, I canÂ’t stand unrealistic games, I like realism,
upgradeability, options and more. This means that my all time favorite
car games are the Gran Turismo and Forza series. In fact, GT is the only
reason I bought a PS2, itÂ’s the only games I own for the system. The
same will be true for the PS3 which I will get as soon as the next GT
game is released.

Take Messiah's blog for a spin, and get the skinny on Forza Motorsports 2!

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