Global Agenda - Recon PvP Guide

Posted Fri, Mar 26, 2010 by Stow

Unlike other stealth classes in MMOs today, the Recon of Global Agenda isn't any more frail or less resilient to damage than the other soldiers. Normally that'd be enough to make people cry about it being overpowered, but it's also the most dangerous class in the game, capable of killing a target in less than a second from seemingly miles away. Welcome to the life of the Recon in PvP, and with our guide on how to excel at it, life is good!

When your offhands are recharging, scout out your enemy's Respawn Beacon and neutralize it. Offenses love to hide them on the rooftops or behind boxes or around corners, defenses love to hide the respawn beacon in corners behind walls of Robotics equipment. Often times these defensive beacons will be impossible to assault with standard means when there are 3-4 Robotics on defense set up near them. It falls on you to EMP bomb them back into the stone age!

Get your primer to sneaking and slaying in PvP here!

Global Agenda Free Agent

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Mon, Jan 30, 2012

Hi-Rez Studios celebrates the second anniversary of Global Agenda with more Flair, PvP tournament rewards and a new pet.

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