WoW: Making Money with Auctioneer

Posted Wed, Jun 06, 2007 by LadySirse

Making Money with Auctioneer

We've got a new multi-part guide going up that gives an in-depth look at using the Auctioneer addon to turn a profit. In this update (the first of four) we explain the who, what, when and where of using auctioneer. In the next update it we'll be going into detail about supply and demand and other tricks that let you to use this addon to make a profit on the Auction House!
"One of the best side benefits of auctioneer is you will find fantastic bargains on items that you use (like materials) and on items that you want but can't afford at full prices. There are items listed way below market value everyday. I am sure you can find a way to take those items off the seller's hands for your benefit."
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