Curt Schilling Invested Majority of Earnings in 38 Studios According to Case Study

By Stacy Jones -

The creation and running of 38 Studios has been quite a challenge for ex Major League Baseball all-star Curt Schilling, but the former Boston pitcher isn't letting that slow him down. According to a school case study by Harvard Business School, Schilling has invested a majority of his money he's earned into the company. Gamasutra digs more into the study, quoting some of Schillings comments.

"I have put the majority of the money I've earned in my life on the table," he said in the Harvard Business School case study, Curt Schilling's Next Pitch. "If I make another financial investment, I will have crossed the point of no return from a personal investment and company standpoint."

The story goes on to cover Schillings love for gaming, his hard lessons learned of business, and offers some comments from former 38 Studios President and CEO Brett Close. Schilling remains driven and dedicated to seeing the company succeed and creating a multi-million dollar company with games like the upcoming RPG Project Mercury and the MMORPG Copernicus. Click here to read the full story.

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