Age of Conan's 1.07 Update Deploys Today

By Stacy Jones -

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures will get its newest update today with the launch of the 1.07 update. The long awaited new PvP content will go live with the Shrines of Bori, new PvP levels, PvP tokens, and new fast travel options. In addition, there will be a new expansion teaser event introduced with The Silver Atrium. Read the teaser below for a look at the new event.

There is no organization better suited for smuggling and spying than the infamous Shadow Brotherhood. They have their agents scattered all across Aquilonia, Stygian and Cimmeria. Recent rumor has it that the Brotherhood plans to expand their activities and power into the far empire of Khitai. This in return has sparked the attention of two groups in the far east – the Brittle Blade and the Shadows of Jade – and both have started own efforts to use the Brotherhood for their plans and ideas. It is even said that god-emperor Yah-Chieng himself has sent a small squad of his feared Dark Legion to spy on King Conan and the current situation of Aquilonia.

Click here to read the 1.07 patch notes.

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