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Champions Online: Vibora Bay Apocalypse Guide

Updated Thu, Apr 15, 2010 by jeffprime

To gain access to the new Vibora Bay zone in Champions Online,
players must first complete the Vibora Bay Apocalypse. Players will
take part in the final battle between good and evil within the
Champions universe. Will your hero be able to stem the tide and thwart
the demon-angel Therakiel? Not to worry, my friends. Your pals at Ten
Ton Hammer are here to steer you through these troubling times.

While there are approximately 10 missions for you to fulfill the Apocalypse mission chain within this zone, there are a number of side missions that you can do as well. If you’re looking to get through the crisis as quickly as possible, then stick to doing the missions from Dr. Ka and Robert Caliburn.

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