Daily Tip:Importing and exporting goods to null-sec can be very lucrative. Even if you are making the trip in a combat ship, you should ask your friends if they need you to bring anything.

A Simple Introduction To Invention In EVE Online

Updated Tue, Apr 13, 2010 by Space Junkie

Invention is the process of converting tech one blueprint copies into tech two blueprint copies. It seems intimidating and difficult, at first, but once you figure out the general process and it all clicks, you will realize how easy it is to make extra ISK given a little bit of legwork and some minimal start-up capital.

The margins on inventing modules can be decent, especially when the tech two products are sold away from market hubs. The skills involved aren't too bad, and many of them are handy in other areas of the game, like R&D agents, advanced electronic warfare skills, or the skill needed to open a cynosural field, this last being essential for using capital ships outside of high-sec.

As a mostly passive income source, invention makes an excellent supplement to whatever other income sources you may have going. Even relatively new players can break into invention, if they are willing to train the skills. This guide explains the basic process of invention, and for the sake of simplicity, only describes inventing modules.

The Overview

Explained as simply as possible, the goal of invention is to successfully convert a limited-run tech one module blueprint (for example, a Damage Control I Blueprint copy, or "BPC") into a limited-run tech two module BPC of that same module (Damage Control II BPC). Each invention job has only a chance of succeeding, and many attempts may need to be made before a useful product is successfully produced.

In order to invent a module, two or more special skills may be required, and one or more special items will be needed. Nor is that the end of it. Inventing is actually the easy part, compared to producing tech two modules. That process involves many, many ingredients made from a bewildering array of components and trade goods, and requires even more skills. Other guides will cover that can of worms, but for now worry about the invention process.

Each module is associated with one of the races of EVE Online. Usually, but with many exceptions, it is in that race's area of expertise. What race a module is associated with will determine what skills and items are needed to invent it.

Step One: Pick A Module

The first thing you need to do is decide what module you are going to invent. This will determine the skills that you need to train, the blueprints and items that you need to buy, and your profit margin. It will also affect how easily you can branch out into other modules. For example: If you're inventing Tachyon Beam Laser II blueprint, it's fairly trivial to branch out into other kinds of lasers.

The margins on some of the most popular items can be so thin that it's almost better buying them in market hubs and then reselling them at your target market, rather than inventing them, yourself. Then again, almost anything will sell if it's in a convenient location and isn't too overpriced for the convenience offered, and it may be more convenient for you to invent an item locally, if you can get the materials needed and are in low-security or null-security space.

Once you have a module in mind, look at that item's tech one blueprint on the market. Select the 'bill of materials' tab, then the 'invention' tab. This will show you what it takes to turn copies of the blueprint into tech two BPCs. Note several things: the racial encryption skill (for example, Minmatar Encryption Methods) and its pre-requisites; two science-related skills that require some combination of Science V, Mechanic V, and Electronics V; a racial Data Interface; and lastly, some datacores. You will need to do all of that to produce the blueprint happen.

Step Two: Copy The Blueprint

Once you have selected a module, you will need to buy the blueprint for the item. You will likely want to research both the material efficiency (ME) and production efficiency (PE) of the blueprint, so that you can manufacture the basic tech one item without a loss (tech one modules will be used as an ingredient when manufacturing the tech two version) and make copies faster.

The main ingredient in an invention job is a tech one blueprint of that item. It needs to have the maximum amount of runs possible in order to maximize your profit. For most modules, this means a 300-run blueprint copy. Successful module invention jobs made with a max-run BPC will have ten runs on them. If your BPC has less than the maximum possible number of runs, the tech two BPCs from your successful invention jobs have less, as well, despite using up the same ingredients. Obviously, this is undesirable.

Step Three: Train Skills

Depending on what module you selected, you will need to train several skills. Firstly, the encryption skill (there is one for each race) and its pre-requisites. This will allow you to invent many things within that race's purview, though limited by your other skills.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that you have decided to invent Salvager II BPCs. That means that you need to train the following key skills: Minmatar Encryption Methods, Electromagnetic Physics, and Electronic Engineering. The higher these skills are, the more likely your invention jobs are to succeed. At least III in each of them is a good idea.

As pre-requisites to those skills, you will need Science V, Electronics V, Hacking II, and Electronics Upgrades III, plus other basic skills that you are likely to already have.

Minmatar Encryption Methods will serve you well. With other skills, it can potentially allow you to invent projectile turrets (including autocannons and artillery), gyrostabilizers, tracking computers and tracking enhancers, microwarpdrives and afterburners, warp disruptors and scramblers, and hull modification modules like damage controls, overdrive injector systems, nanofiber internal structures, and so forth.

That's a lot of options to work with, though your initial skills of Electromagnetic Physics and Electronic Engineering will pretty much only let you make Salvager IIs. You will need to train other advanced science skills in order to branch out.

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