Superpowered Chat with Prat 3.0 – A WoW U.I. Mod Review

Posted Mon, Apr 19, 2010 by Messiah

At least that is what Prat 3.0 promises, does it live up? Prat is a chat window modification to make reading your chat window more intuitive and friendly. It does this through several features like colour coding character names, chat channels, adding extra history and more. How do all these features pan out though, are they worth installing the addon?

Another good feature for either those super busy channels like trade or general, or for your raid channel is the ability to change the amount of channel history. You can change the settings to be able to track a lot of chat history, just remember the more you save the more memory you use up. If you are low on resources you may not want to change this to be too big of a number.

You can find all the details in Superpowered Chat with Prat 3.0 – A WoW U.I. Mod Review.

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