Chatter Like the Mad Hatter – A WoW U.I. Mod Review

By Jason Bechdel -

This week Mem and Messiah review two of the major chat mods available to World of Warcraft users: Chatter and Prat. Chatter claims to be the more lightweight, while still providing most of the important options. Will Chatter be knocked out of the park by it’s heavyweight cousin, or will Chatter be able to overcome Prat with it’s light and speedy antics? You the reader can decide in this mod battle of epic proportions.

Chatter much like it’s chat mod counterpart Prat is a chat enhancement addon that grants the user tons of features that enable them to modify their chat frame to their hearts content. The real appeal of Chatter is that it is supposed to be much more lightweight then Prat, without sacrificing to many features. Since I have used both Chatter and Prat I was excited to see if I could actually see a difference in game play while using it since Prat is a rather hefty mod and now that it was uninstalled I should notice some sort of difference, right?

See the comparison in Chatter Like the Mad Hatter – A WoW U.I. Mod Review.
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