EQ2: Tier 7 Solo Leveling Guide

Tier 7 Solo Leveling Guide

With a new expansion on the horizon, many players are making that push for level 70 so that they can experience the new content from the beginning. If you happen to be a soloer, making that trek to the level cap can be a long and slow grind. Let Ten Ton Hammer help you along by showing you the best places to hunt in tier 7 for the soloer!
Continuing through the early 60s to the mid 60s, move on over to the Barren Sky. If you haven't already, this is a good time to pick up your Aviak Lore & Legend and your Aviak language quest (Words of a Feather) so that you can get those done while you are out and about. Those can both be found on Whisperwind Isle.
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