CCP and BattleClinic Celebrate EVE's 7th Birthday with Prizes

EVE Online is turning 7 this May and

EVE Online is turning 7 this May and BattleClinic in cooperation with CCP are celebrating the event with all sorts of yummy cake, and by cake I mean prizes. Each week in May, BattleClinic will be giving away Seven random prizes that include: 7 x 5 million isk, 7-day extensions, 7 plex, and 7 $100 EVE-store coupons. How can you get in on all this cakey goodness you ask? Simply register for an account at BattleClinic, roam the space of New Eden in a gang of seven or less, blow other players to smithereens and make sure the kill hits the BattleClinic boards, and post a screenshot of the unfortunate saps demise here. Is it brutal? Yes, but it should be fun and there are prizes involves, so go start an Intergalactic incident or something. What's life in new Eden without a little war (or a big one if you're feeling creative)?

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