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Nexon Aquires Majority Share of NDoors

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South Korean gaming powerhouse NEXON, the publisher of many free-to-play MMOGs including Mabinogi and Maple Story, have announced the purchase of 67% stake in fellow mega-publisher Ndoors Interactive. Ndoors is best known for its wildly popular Atlantica Online, which accounts for a large portion of the companies profitability. NEXON CEO Su-Min commented that “NEXON has been carrying out ongoing investment in the companies with outstanding development efforts” and that “Ndoors, as well as an excellent development capability with domestic and international publishing capabilities would be a big help to expand NEXON’s portfolio and to carry out a global expansion policy.” While it appears that this move was strictly a financial one, it does make for good water cooler conversation about what sort of games the company could make with so many resources at their disposal. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for any developments on this announcement.

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