CoH Reveals Marauder and The Syndicate in Going Rogue

By Stacy Jones -

Marauder and The Syndicate

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a criminal organization that engages in a number of criminal activities with mysterious motives

Marauder, also known as Praetor White, is the imposing leader of the Powers Division, Praetoria's team of super-powered individuals who face challenges that the Praetoria Police Department cannot. Some know him as the Praetorian version of the Primal Earth hero Back Alley Brawler. Having survived a brutal upbringing and the savage Hamidon Wars, Marauder saw first-hand the devastation that occurs when there is no order. As Emperor Cole's right-hand man, Marauder is committed to bringing safety and peace to Praetoria, no matter the cost.

The Syndicate is a vast network of ruthless criminals, organized and led by mysterious leaders. They engage in theft, vandalism, and riots throughout Praetoria. Their goal seems to be wealth and power, but could there be more behind their motives? Learn more about The Syndicate, and find out for yourself who runs things from the shadows.


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