LOTRO: Shores of Evendim Patch Notes

Shores of Evendim Patch Notes

Hot off the presses comes this set of patch notes for Lord of the Rings Online's newest update Shores of Evendim.

Patch Notes Part 1: Of Special Note, Gameplay, Skills/Classes, Traits/Titles/Deeds, Adoptions/Notary System/Bios, Monster Play, Auctions, Mail, User Interface, Chat/Social, Raid/Group UI

Patch Notes Part 2: Crafting, Emotes, Music System, Items, Loot System, Character Creation/Selection, Graphics/Animations,/fx, Audio, World, Town Services, Travel/Maps/Radar, Performance/Client, Creature AI/Pathing, Miscellaneous

Patch Notes Part 3: Quests

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