WoW Machinima: The Craft of War - Blind

Posted Mon, May 17, 2010 by Mem

Something new is brewing here at Ten Ton Hammer. As a testament to the creative power of the WoW community we are pleased to present a brand new feature: WoW machinima reviews. From time to time our talented writers will pick a video and let you the reader know if it’s worth watching. This week Mem gets the distinguished pleasure of presenting our very first machinima review on a little video called “The Craft of War - Blind”.

Blind starts out as mentioned above in seemingly peaceful Stormwind. Viewers don’t have to wait long for action, just a few seconds into the video a slain guard is found giving rise to the knowledge that something deadly is lurking in the shadows. A host of guards take up the call to arms, only to be
slaughtered before the fight even really begins.

Find out if Blind is worth the watch, or should be avoided at all costs.

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