Perfect World Aquires Majority Stake in Runic Games

Posted Tue, May 18, 2010 by Martuk

As you might recall, Runic Games recently announced that in just six months it had sold over 500,000 copies of its action RPG, Torchlight. Today we also learned that the game's publisher, Perfect World, has bought a majority stake in the Torchlight developer, costing $8.4 million. The information was released in Perfect World's first quarter financial results. Perfect World plans to use Runic Games to help strengthen their R&D capabilities. Runic Games is also currently working on the MMORPG version of Torchlight.

In May 2010, the Company acquired a majority stake in Runic Games, a specialized developer of PC-based entertainment software in the U.S., at the consideration of approximately US$8.4 million. Runic Games has a team of experienced developers, including leads on "Diablo," "Diablo II," "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction," "Fate," "Hellgate: London" and "Mythos." Runic Games has developed and released a single-player action-RPG "Torchlight," and is currently developing the MMORPG version of "Torchlight." This strategic investment will allow the Company to further enhance its strong R&D capabilities, and leverage Runic Games' creative and professional development team to create global titles through enhanced control and a closer collaboration.


Runic Games reveals a new infographic that details the vast difference in content between Torchlight II and its predecessor.

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