Ragnar Tørnquist Takes on More Community Questions About The Secret World

By Stacy Jones -

You might recall that we had The Secret World's Game Director, Ragnar Tørnquist answer a few questions posed by members of our community earlier this month. It seems that Tørnquist didn't stop there. Recently, the Game Director fielded a few more questions on The Secret Worlds forums. Tørnquist addressed a number of questions ranging from character customization to lore and social spaces. Players will be able to experience the main storyline, but they may need to be more powerful before learning the full story their character embarks on.

Players can jump in and out of the main storyline as they please. They don’t have to follow it. Exploration is both encouraged and, sometimes, required, since you may not yet be ready - or powerful enough - to continue on your journey. To uncover the entire story, every little piece of it, you really do have to explore the world and discover its secrets – that’s a key element to the game, and something we’ve created mechanics to support. In The Secret World, story IS gameplay.

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