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The Many Reasons to Return to Guild Wars

Posted Wed, May 26, 2010 by Xerin

There are many reasons to return to Guild Wars, but the biggest is simple. It's free to play, so it's no cash out of your pocket to hop right back in. If you need more reasons then that, including changes since you've probably played, then take a look at our latest Guild Wars article: The Many Reasons to Return to Guild Wars.

Nightfall is an excellent example of one of the reasons you should look into hitting up that client download. The entire Nightfall campaign is rather lengthy giving over 35 to 40 hours of solid gameplay from start to finish. The hero system, which allows you to collect customizable henchmen, will enable you to breeze through PvE without a hitch. By breeze through, I mean, make it less frustrating. The later missions still are quite challenging, but with the simple addition of tools to control the tactical positioning of your heroes and henchmen on the battlefield, attempting to solo missions is no longer the exercise in frustration that it once was.

The Many Reasons to Return to Guild Wars

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