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Ten Ton Hammer Live Ep. 9 Transcript – Sam Kim & Matt Atwood on TERA

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In this weekÂ’s installment of Ten Ton Hammer Live!, our hosts travel to a lost temple dedicated to esoteric fighting arts to learn about the innovative action-combat MMOG, TERA, developed by En Masse Entertainment. To that end, weÂ’ve cornered Sam Kim, Producer and Matt Atwood, PR Director, to show off their fighting moves and talk about all things TERA.

In a few words, TERA is all about action. We focus on innovative combat mechanics which no other MMOG does right now. We emphasize combat maneuvers such as timing, direction, and placement like you would find in games like Devil May Cry, but in an MMOG setting that is rich and engaging.

You heard it here first on Ten Ton Hammer Live, Episode 9.
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