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The Top Reasons to Follow Guild Wars 2

Posted Mon, May 31, 2010 by Xerin

Have you heard of Guild Wars 2 yet? If not, then you definitely need to get informed about this MMO coming up soon. Our latest article, "The Top Reasons to Follow Guild Wars 2," goes into the many reasons why Guild Wars 2 needs to be on your game radar and if it already, why it should be number one on your list.

Guild Wars: Prophecies is a lengthy epic adventure from one side of the world to the other and back again. You escape over mountains, flee into the hands of religious zealots, undertake various trials in the desolate desert, flee across the mountains again, and take on the unseen in the fiery pits of Hell. Yet, the long adventure is daunting and in many places quite, how to say, dull.

The Top Reasons to Follow Guild Wars 2 goes into the reasons why GW2 should be on your radar at #1.

It is time to party in Guild Wars 2 with ArenaNet today as they release their new Living World update “Festival of the Found Winds”.
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Tue, May 20, 2014
Lee B.
Disposable Gear

Horizontal progression systems, when done correctly, offer MMO gamers better options on how to refine their characters over time that a steep power curve based on disposable itemization alone fails to accomplish. We take a look at how Guild Wars 2 helped pave the way for the horizontal progression revolution.

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Mon, May 19, 2014

As the Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack announcements continue, ArenaNet have revealed their new PvP reward tracks, gear unification and more.

Fri, Mar 28, 2014
Lewis B

ArenaNet announces several more big changes for GW2’s feature patch with several account-bound changes, free trait resets, and the removal of armor repair costs.

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Fri, Mar 28, 2014

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