StarCraft II - Protoss Stargate Units Stats and Strategy Guide

Posted Wed, Jun 02, 2010 by Stow

The thunder of the Scout shooting land units, the rapid pulsing of Corsair fire... forget all of that. The StarCraft II Protoss air force no longer has these ineffective units. The only returning unit is the Carrier, and the new escorts for it are the Phoenix and Void Ray. These units require a special touch to use effectively, and that's why we've whipped up this guide to using the Protoss fleet effectively!

Late Game - These are your Mutalisk slayers. Use your ability to hit and run and out-range them, and try to get in free shots while retreating and circling your foes. So long as you're not outdone in upgrades, Phoenixes will dominate any light units in the skies effortlessly. Should you see Corruptors on the field, unless you're ahead on weapon upgrades you'll need to switch it up to Void Rays to do effective damage--the Phoenix attack suffers greatly against armor since it hits twice.


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