Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited - Update #5 Screenshots Released and Release Date Announced

Posted Thu, Jun 03, 2010 by Medawky

What's cooler than a Guild Hall? A flying Guild Hall of course! Turbine released some new screenshots highlighting the Airships that will be introduced in Update #5 on June 28th for Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron Unlimited. The newest update, titled Rise of the Guilds, encourages players to band together to gain guild advancements including the purchase of an airship that will act as a mobile HQ. Other features include -

  •  New Bard & Favored Soul Hireling classes to help you fight for greater glory and treasure! Available in the DDO Store.
  •  New Monk & Cleric Enhancements grant you more power than ever before!
  •  New spells give Sorcerer’s & Wizards an edge over the competition!
  •  New Feats allow Fighters & Rogues to take it to the next level!
  •  New trap parts allow Rogues to create their own deadly landmines and explosive grenades!

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