The Secret World Development Team Answers Last Round of Community Questions

By Stacy Jones -

The Secret World's (TSW) Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard, Senior Assistant Community Manager and Game Director Ragnar Tørnquist recently took the time to answer the third and final round of questions posed by the community about the upcoming MMOG. Players will be happy to know that the team will be trying to make a seamless world and limiting the load screens as much as possible. But one of the more interesting details involves how magic will work in TSW. There will be five schools of magic that players can master, all explained at the beginning of the game. Corpse runs of a sort have been confirmed and Tørnquist also stated that fans of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall can expect to see subtle references and Easter eggs referencing the two titles within the game. The full Q&A can be read on the official TSW forums.

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