SWTOR E3 News - Starships For Everyone!

Posted Mon, Jun 14, 2010 by Savanja

It is finally E3 time and that means the gaming news will be rolling in! While our Ten Ton Hammer E3 team makes the rounds to get our own exclusive coverage, whet your appetite with some of the latest news to hit the 'net. First up, Star Wars The Old Republic shared the news that the upcoming BioWare game will feature starships as a form of personal storage and acting as a player homebase.

Of course, it would be pretty boring to have an entire galaxy packed with a handful of similar ships. To combat this, BioWare has created a robust customization package so that you can fully trick out your ship with premade gear sets or your own hand-picked items. Though BioWare isn't showing off the ships in action just yet, they assure us that there will be thousands of different variations so that each person can feel as if they have a unique vessel.

This dedication to customization carries over into style by giving players gearing options that range from the necessary to the fluff.

That same level of customization is also given to your character in the form of various PvP gear. Though you start out pretty basic in terms of gear, by completing PvP challenges (which BioWare isn't discussing yet), you earn new goods. Some of this stuff is cosmetic, some is highly functional and all of it seems to change based on class and race. In the example BioWare showed off, one bad ass ended up with a jetpack and devilish armor that made him look like Boba Fett spawned from Hell. In other words, you can build up your character to look more awesome than anything the Star Wars universe has seen before.

Read more and IGN, be sure to check out their video preview, then remember to keep your browser tuned in to our E3 coverage page for the latest in E3 news!

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