Patch 3.3.5, Midsummer Fire Festival, RAF, and More in The WoW Weekly Report

Posted Tue, Jun 29, 2010 by Messiah

The WoW Weekly Report is our weekly newsletter dedicated to giving you a wrap-up of the previous week in news, stories, and more. This week we take a look the launch of Patch 3.3.5 and what it contains, but while waiting on the Ruby Sanctum to open we also check out the Midsummer Fire Festival. We also bring you a look at buying and selling items outside the Auction House and a look at the effect the RAF promotion has on the game. In addition to all our network content check out all the news regarding World of Warcraft so you don't miss a thing. All this and more in our WoW Weekly Report every Tuesday.

The Ruby Sanctum has been breached, a new way to chat has been introduced, and players may find they are able to uninstall at least one mod from their overstuffed addon folder. All this and more is introduced in Patch 3.3.5, the last content patch before the much anticipated Cataclysm. While most have probably already read the patch notes, we here at Ten Ton Hammer like to break them down and spit them out into sometime that is more attuned to the average reader.

The WoW Weekly Report is now out.

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