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Fallen Earth Prepares for "Texas Invasion" Celebration

By Stacy Jones -

It's been almost a year since those crazed Texans invaded the wastes of Fallen Earth and Icarus Studios is preparing for a celebration of the event that took place on July 25th, 2009. In what was dubbed the infamous "Texas Invasion", clones of all factions joined together to fortify the Grand Canyon Province and defend against intruders. And on Sunday, July 25th, Fallen Earth will celebrate the occasion with by passing out festive goodies and left-over loot from the invasion to players.

And be advised that the devs have issued one other statement about the event. "Please be advised that Tiggs (GM) is a Texan. Offensive and/or obscene Texan remarks *may* result in death of your clone, teleporting and/or no goodies. Just sayinÂ’."

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