City of Heroes Previews More Going Rogue Districts

By Stacy Jones -

The launch of Going Rogue is rapidly approaching and as it does more information has been revealed about the new City of Heroes expansion. New details of Nova Praetoria, the most exclusive city ward in Praetoria and home of the city's elite and The Underground, a network of tunnels beneath Praetoria has been revealed along with several new screenshots that offer a look at the impressive visuals of the expansion.

This city ward, considered to be the most exclusive district in all of Praetoria, houses the elite of Praetorian society: ColeÂ’s trusted Praetors and the myriad state employees and officials who have been given the special privilege to live and work next to humankindÂ’s savior, Emperor Marcus Cole. From Cole Tower, the tallest building and most dominant landmark in all of Nova Praetoria, Emperor Cole can survey all that he has fought hard to protect.

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