DDO Hirelings – Fair or Foul for MMOGs?

Posted Thu, Jul 15, 2010 by jeffprime

The hireling system in DDO is both loved and hated by players. Some say that the use of hirelings takes the “massively multiplayer” out of MMOGs, while others say that such statements make as much sense as a skinny Halfling. Are hirelings good or bad for the social aspects of online gaming? Jeffprime shares his thoughts.

Those who say the hireling system takes the “massively multiplayer” out of MMOGs will look at the pros listed above and exclaim, “See! You’re not grouping with other actual players. You’re only playing as a solo gamer with AI-powered NPCs.”

There is some truth to that statement. The ease and use of hirelings may discourage players from attempting to form PUGs with other players. In an MMOG, there is no need for hirelings.

Are DDO hirelings good or bad for MMOGs?

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