TERA Community Director Talks Political System and Endgame

TERA is a MMOG that brings a strong grouping game to the table.

TERA is a MMOG that brings a strong grouping game to the table. With its action oriented gameplay, TERA managed to capture our Editor's Choice Award for E3 2010. Jason Mical, Community Director for En Masse Entertainment, recently took some time to talk about TERA and discuss the game's political system, PvP and what the devs have planned for the elder game. Interestingly enough, PvP will play a part in the game's political system. But the political system is only part of what's planned for TERA's endgame.

TERA’s endgame will involve the full spectrum of things you expect from an MMO, including battling in dungeons with PvE instances; taking to the battlegrounds to fight for honor; working the economy by crafting, enchanting, and playing the market. Additionally, players will be able to influence the history of each server by participating in the in-game political system. We also understand the importance of alternate characters, so you will see some goodies for the altaholics in TERA as well!

Check out the full interview at Onlinewelten.

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