A Tale in the Desert 5 to Launch in August

Posted Fri, Jul 16, 2010 by Martuk

A Tale in the Desert 5 Announces Launch Date
New telling will feature one of the most complex fishing systems in existence and a new starting experience!

Pittsburgh, PA– July 15, 2010A Tale in the Desert 5 will be launching August 7, 2010.  In addition to the deep, unique combat-free MMO full of social and crafting gameplay that current players enjoy, there will be many changes made to the game.  A brand new fishing system, one of the most complex ever conceived, will be unveiled.  A mining system fresh to Tale 5 was previously unveiled to Tale 4 players and met with great enthusiasm.  Mentoring will see a return of the old, when the original Tale 1 system makes its comeback.  The new player experience has been completely overhauled.  In addition, tests designed by the players from Tale 4 will replace older existing tests.  And, for the first time ever, players will have the chance to own their very own cat.

Fishing will now involve the catching of insects, done through a variety of everyday activities in the game.  Some insects will be very rare and result in catching rare fish.  In addition, fish will now have to be processed to produce meat and a variety of other resources, including colorful scales.

"I'm particularly excited about the new mining system. Because Mining and metals are so important in ATITD, I happen to have replaced that system in every Tale so far, always in search of something more fun. There have been some hits (Tale 3) and misses (Tale 2), but based on initial reactions, this system is by far the most fun of any yet released," says Andrew Tepper, President of eGenesis.

Players interested in A Tale in the Desert today can download the client from  A free trial is available in the current telling.  Follow to keep on top of all the latest happenings.

About A Tale in the Desert
A Tale in the Desert is a unique massive online game.  It has absolutely no combat and death is rare. Within the game is one of the most complex trade skill systems that have ever been created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. There is a discipline to meet almost any interest.  Perhaps most unique is that the game actually has an ending and a new telling starts up with players back at ground zero.

About eGenesis
With more than 11 years of game development experience, eGenesis (Pittsburgh, Pa) has become an award winning industry leader in innovative game play with A Tale in the Desert. Since its launch on February 15th 2003, the game has won numerous awards and received nominations including Game of the Year from DIY Games. Find eGenesis online at


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