Frogster Addresses TERA Player Concerns in New Letter

By Stacy Jones -

We reported last week that Frogster had secured the European publishing rights to TERA, however, some fans have expressed their concern about Frogster being given the rights as several threads have turned up expressing concerns ranging from poor customer service to censorship on the publisher's other game forums. In an effort to address some concerns and open a dialogue with players, Frogster's Director of Product Management Daniel Ullrich has posted a new letter to the community on the TERA forums addressing several questions and concerns ranging from TERA's European subscription model to censorship and community management and support.

For TERA, En Masse will take care of the North-American community and Frogster will concentrate on Europe to prepare everything for a great gaming experience in an English, French and German version. Our combined goal is to support all TERA fans in the best possible way, because triple-A games deserve triple-A services, and that is what we all want to achieve.

Fans have posted even more questions after the release of the letter and Ullrich has vowed to return with answers. You can check out the full letter and the community response on the TERA forums.

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