City of Heroes: Issue 9 Review

Posted Thu, Jun 28, 2007 by LadySirse

City of Heroes Review has been updated their site with a review of City of Heroes: Issue 9.
For all its more streamlined MMO appeal actually settling down to play reveals a fundamental structure as standard as they come, wandering the city making contacts and accepting missions from them forms the core experience much like any other modern role-playing game you care to mention. Those missions tend to either send you off to defeat a set number of bad guys or ask you to enter a private 'instanced' location to complete a series of set objectives (generally variations on defeat all the bad guys and find some clues or destroy/protect something), as you get more experienced you get introduced to new contacts in new parts of the city who offer more challenging missions to keep you busy and so it continues as you move through the levels. It's not all about just missions though; your more every day crime fighting plays a large part too
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