WoW Cataclysm: Thunder Bluff Preview

Posted Mon, Aug 09, 2010 by Mem

Many changes have come with Cataclysm and the reemergence of Deathwing, however Thunder Bluff, the proud city of the Tauren, appears to have made it through the swirling tides of darkness relatively untouched. However, despite first appearances, some subtle changes have come to Thunder Bluff. Discover them as Ten Ton Hammer takes you on an image filled journey through this proud Horde city.

Reaching the first level of Thunder Bluff players will once again be greeted with a familiar sight. It seems that the first tier of Thunder Bluff has escaped change. The only noticeable difference is the female level 75 Bluff Watcher guarding the elevators has been replaced with a much buffer looking level 85 male.

See it all in: WoW Cataclsysm: Thunder Bluff Preview

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