Perpetuum Reveals New Intrusion System Details

Posted Mon, Aug 16, 2010 by Martuk

Perpetuum continues its march through beta and while one of the key features is to allow players to terraform and build settlements on the area around them, beta can tend to reshape plans before it's over. So while the devs aren't set to discuss all the juicy details they have revealed a little something to tide players over. A preview of the Intrusion system was recently posted to the Perpetuum website. The Intrusion system will allow players to take control of certain outposts in free PvP zones. The outposts will be fought for by player corporations. In order to capture and gain control of an outpost, players will need to take certain actions against a number of control points on the outpost.

From time to time each base will have a maintenance session, when extra parts of its structure will become visible for the players to interact with. Native Nians used these Service Access Points (SAPs) to perform regular maintenance on an outpost's systems, however these vulnerable points can also be used to bring down the main defenses of it. These events will be what we call Intrusion.

The outposts are only vulnerable at certain times and corporations will need to register for Intrusion events at least 12 hours before the event begins.

Check out the full preview for all the details.


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