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Gamescampus Launches Asda Story Chapter 3: The Demon's Shadow

By Stacy Jones -

Asda Story is making the world a bit darker with the release of Chapter 3: The Demon's Shadow. The latest update includes new jobs for level 60 players: Warlord, Tempest, and Arcane Lord. A new crafting system has also been introduced and the arrival of a new boss with the Grim Reaper. So get in there and remember; don't fear the reaper.

Chapter 3, The Demon's Shadow, is a comprehensive update that includes many exciting new features including a new 4th job transfer at level 60 which includes 23 new skills for each job. The new 4th jobs include: Warlord, Tempest and Arcane Lord. With the launch of Chapter 3 also comes the arrival of the boss, Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper makes its debut, and new items will be added to the newest high-level Elite Field Inferion.

Check out the official release for more details.

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