Square Enix Reveals Trio of Bonuses for Players to Subscribe to Both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV

Posted Wed, Aug 18, 2010 by Martuk

A lot of people have been wondering how Square Enix will manage to keep players in two Final Fantasy MMOGs. The task is not unheard of. SOE has managed to keep both EverQuest 1 and 2 running with decent success for years. But Square Enix has decided to sweeten the pot for those that choose to subscribe to both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV with three special offers.

The first bonus is that choosing to subscribe to both games will earn you a discount. If you link both games to the same account and subscribe to both, Final Fantasy XI will provide you with a discount subscription, lowering the subscription price to $7.00. Bonus number two comes by way of an in-game item, the Hermes Shoes. The last bonus for those that can't stand to be parted with their character names is the chance to import their character names from Final Fantasy XI to Final Fantasy XIV. When you create a character in this way your Final Fantasy XI character name will be the character name and the server world they reside on will be the surname.

If you plan to take advantage of these offers, be sure to link your two games to one account.

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