End of Nations Details Items and Loot

By Stacy Jones -

End of Nations may be an MMORTS, but that doesn't mean it can't have some nice shiny loot for players to earn. Like MMORPG mechanics, End of Nations will employ a loot system that will allow players to earn new loot and items through manufacturing at their base, completing missions, or through the traditional method of prying it out of your enemy's dead decaying hand. Gaining some of the various items can help lead to the creation of powerful units to help conquer your enemies.

Players acquire new items as rewards for completing missions, through manufacturing at their headquarters, and from looting destroyed enemy units and structures. Rewards can include specialized ammunition, raw materials for crafting, enhanced versions of helpful items such as vehicle repair kits and consumable items that provide a brief advantage in combat, such as smoke grenades.

Item and loot are details are available on a new page of the Player vs Environment section on the End of Nations website.

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