Path of the Warrior Detailed for King of Kings 3

Posted Wed, Aug 25, 2010 by Martuk

King of Kings 3 boasts a robust class system as what begins as a simple 3 character classes evolves into 27 unique choices through the game's progression. The warrior, as in most MMORPGs, is a close range melee class, but at level 50 players can take the warrior to the next level by choosing one of three specialization classes: berserker, ranger, and knight.

Simple healing spells can prove to be of great help in battle. Unlike the ranger, the berserker falls into a fit of rage during battle, causing massive amounts of damage. His favored weapon is the axe, of which he can use two at the same time. And finally there's the knight, who bowls over his enemies on his battle horse. His trademark is his lance, which he uses to keep numerous enemies in check at the same time.

The evolution doesn't stop there as at level 90 players will have the option to evolve the class even further by choosing a second specialization. Each of the three initial classes will offer an additional three choices to choose from.

Check out the full release to learn more about the path of the warrior.


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